Alexa Efraimson declared ineligible for HS competition, reinstated on appeal

Saucony Elite 50 #1 Alexa Efraimson (Camas WA) was declared ineligible for the rest of the HS season by the Washington Interscholastic Athletic Association recently for her participation in the Bill Dellinger Invitational on October 5th.  Alexa ran unattached and won the race against an elite collegiate field with a time of 16:35. 

Update that came in as this article was being drafted: Alexa and her parents appealed the ruling and she was reinstated on Thursday, October 17th, and will be allowed to compete.

Statement from Alexa: "After a few meetings, my parents and I have appealed my eligibility and I have been reinstated, so I can compete now!"

The WIAA has a guideline for competing on or against a professional or college team, however, it is not clear how this pertains to individuals.  

The guideline most in question is as follows: 18.23.5 A high school student forfeits any remaining high school eligibility in that sport by competing on or against a professional or college team. 
The complete WIAA Handbook can be found here.


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  • mashafer / 1 Years Ago
    I will be interested to hear the reasoning for the reinstatement. It looks to the naked eye like a clear violation of the guideline.
  • southerncoach / 1 Years Ago
    How often are these "guidelines" reviewed and by whom? There are laws that have been on the books for years that are antiquated and just plain wrong. Was there any monetary gain? Are we not here for the kids? The WIAA and or school system should be worried more about our world standing on the education ladder rather than tormenting a talented,driven,brave young student athlete shooting for the stars.
  • dannyrap / 1 Years Ago
    The rule doesn't stipulate what type of competition. If taken literally, that means any kid that does a road race in the summer against college kids (or if a "professional" runs) would be ineligible.
  • JerkPitMaster / 1 Years Ago
    Did not read the whole rule, but from what is written here, she competed against professional or college individuals, not teams.
  • sheltered / 1 Years Ago
    I was a bit curious when I saw the result of the meet. Scores were kept, although she was running unattached. I live here in Washington and have seen a number of our elite HS athletes routinely run against pros and college athletes at the Dempsey indoor meets at UW. It was explained that as long as there are not scores kept, then it is more or less an all comers meet and no problem. An open xc meet doesn't fit neatly in a category if you're running unattached.